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Whether it is Rubbing, Waxing, Polishing, and Ceramic Coating or Deep Interior and Exterior Cleaning, we seamlessly pamper your car. Afterall it is imperative that your car looks great from bumper to boot in and out. Our technicians have undergone extensive training programme. Bringing smiles to our clients is what matters us the most.

At Technika Automotive Services, we use specialized car cleaners like engine cleaners/degreasers, car shampoos, tar removers, alloy wheel cleaners, etc. to remove specific impurities from the vehicle’s surface. Our professionals use the right techniques to wash your vehicle, ensuring every nook and corner is cleaned effectively.

A simple car wash on the outside and a basic vacuuming of the inside of your car will be superficial. Detailing goes deep into the cleaning and restoration process on the minute details of your automobile and ensures that every imperfection is corrected.

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Car Spa and Detailing
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