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Periodic maintenance is the activity performed on your vehicle based on a set time interval. The purpose of periodic maintenance, or time-based maintenance, is to maintain smooth operation of your vehicle.

We plan Periodic maintenance services ahead of time and are performed regardless of whether signs of deterioration show up or not.

Our Periodic maintenance services which is recommended at every 20,000 km includes the following check-points:

  • Engine oil replacement or top-ups as required
  • Standard and complete vehicle checks
  • Service/replacement of air filter as required
  • Service/replacement of fuel filter
  • Service/replacement of A/C filter
  • Service/replacement of Spark Plugs or Glow Plugs
  • Top up/replacement of brake fluid
  • Top up/replacement of Coolant
  • Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing with Wheel Rotation
  • Top up/replacement of transmission fluid
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