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Maintaining proper inflation pressure is the single most important thing you can do to help your tyres last longer and stay durable. Under inflation is the leading cause of irreparable tyre damage and may result in severe cracking and subsequent air loss. Alignment, Balancing and Wheel Care with best inhouse equipment’s is our forte as far as a vehicle’s tyres are concerned. We do our best job for maintaining best Tyre and Wheel car for your cars.

Our skilled professionals check the tyres in detail, detect problems and correct any type of issues. Your premium car will be in good hands as we equip it with legitimate parts. Apart from the tyres, maintainance of tyre rims is also important. Scratches or damage to the rim can affect the car’s performance.

Our services includes the following check-points

  • Wheel Rotation
  • Tyre Alignment
  • Inflation Pressure
  • Tyre Balancing
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